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Key Takeaways

Preface / Intro

  • UX = Umbrella term for any activity or profession that contributes to a better experience for the user

  • No one right answer to most usability questions

  • Usable = A person of average (maybe below average) ability or experience can figure out how to use the thing to accomplish something without more trouble than it's worth


Chapter 1:

  • Don't make the user think - design should be self evident

  • If something can't be self evident, make it self explanatory


Chapter 2:

  • People scan pages

  • People click on the first link that might lead them to what they want (don't always choose the best option)

  • People use things without understanding how they work

Chapter 3:

  • Follow conventions to make things understandable almost instantly, but innovate when you know your idea is better

  • Clarity > Consistency

  • Prominence, grouping, and nesting

  • Get rid of anything that is not making a real contribution

  • Make text scan-friendly: Headings, short paragraphs, bullets, highlighted key terms


Chapter 4:

  • What really counts is how hard each click is, not the number of clicks

  • Give the user guidance to make choices mindless

Chapter 5:

  • Concise writing - Only keep words that add value

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