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Carnegie Mellon International Film Festival

CMU-IFF Website 2020


Fall 2019 - Present


Jackie Chou (Design)

Rachel Lee (Design)

Shannon Ding (Dev)

Gregory McCall (Dev)


Frontend Development, User Testing, Prototyping, UX/UI Design

For the 2020 Carnegie Mellon International Film Festival, I served as a UX/UI designer and lead developer for the festival's website. The festival's website is redesigned and built from scratch each year, so below you will find the designs that my team and I came up for this year. You can see the deployed website at:

*The festival is currently postponed due to COVID-19, so the final designs have not been published yet


Old Website

The Carnegie Mellon International Film Festival (CMU-IFF) is the largest international film festival in Pittsburgh, and the website acts as the primary source of information for it. Thus, the

CMU-IFF website needs to have a good UX/UI to promote awareness about the events and help facilitate the purchase of tickets. 


As seen below, the current website is unresponsive, overloaded with information, and oversaturated with navigable tabs. This is especially problematic as more people continuously access websites on mobile devices, and the CMU-IFF attracts an older audience.

New Website Design

We responsively redesigned the film festival’s website for easier accessibility and better information architecture. We also reduced the clutter in the navigation bar and mostly eliminated the need for drop-downs.

Click on the image to see where you can interact with it!

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